Monday, April 17, 2017

How To Take a Good Group Photo - Part 1 - The learning Curve

Stairwell Carollers 2017 group photo

How do you photograph a choir group? If you are like us, with a shoestring budget, you depend on volunteers and their varying expertise in photography.

I have an interest in photography, thanks to my Dad's own love of the camera's magical portrait possibilities. 

My dad's gift - capturing the moment - this one before I was even born!

In a previous post I discussed some of the essentials I've discovered  to successfully create a group image. 

Over the past two seasons, our group grew in number and snapping a decent photo proved to be a real challenge. I took advice from many people (thanks Drew - our other choir photog!) my own collection of books on photography and I Googled "group photo how to" .

With such a large group an overhead shot from a large ladder would have been optimal, but proved impossible with the equipment I had available. The weather outdoors was not good, so the shot would have to be from the front in the church.

With this base line the day came to take the pic, but not everyone could be there. No matter the planning, this always happens, In past group photos, we just shrugged and went with the pic of 90% of the group.

The original photo (including members from 2016 ) was taken inside St. Columba Church back in September 2016. 
Before everyone settled down -- OH, BEHAVE!

We used a small light on the floor behind the group to create an attractive halo of backlight. Room ambient light and a light from above and to the left gave the faces definition. 

Oh, so not done yet! 

To be continued...

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