Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter from the Stairwell Carollers - an Eastertide Playlist

Baby Canada Goose, By the canal, Ottawa, Canada
I want to wish everyone a very happy and blessed Eastertide. I've put together an Easter playlist to enjoy over this beautiful Easter weekend. I was pleased to discover that we have music from all eras to celebrate this special time.
Songs included:
Ave Maria - Franz Biebl 
Salve Regina - Francis Poulenc
Kyrie - Guillaume de Machaut
Alleluia - Palestrina
O vos omnes - Pablo Casals
O Domine - Gabriel Fauré
Jubilate Deo - Orlando di Lasso
Ehre sei dir Christe - Heinrich Schütz
Regina coeli - Gregor Aichinger
Puer natus - arr Pierre Massie
Happy Easter!

About the Stairwell Carollers:

We are an a cappella group, formed in 1977 by director Pierre Massie. The Stairwell Carollers won First place in both the 2010 and 2013 Ontario Music Festival Association competitions.

A registered Canadian charity, the Stairwell Carollers helps local charities through concert ticket, CD and cookbook sales.

Visit our  website.

Audio: Tom Barnes.

Recorded at the National Gallery of Canada, St. Barnabas Church and Knox Presbyterian Church, all in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Various dates.

Videographer: Various -- see individual videos.

Editing: Pierre Massie

Photos: Holly Massie

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