Monday, September 15, 2014

First look at our 2014 Stairwell Carollers Group Photo

The Stairwell Carollers 2014 Group Photo -- Holly Massie, All rights reserved
The sexy version of our 2014 group shot

It starts with making sure everyone can show up, in black, at a very specific time (this one just before rehearsal)

We were blessed with a cloudy day, but no rain! Yay! FYI When you want to take a great portrait and have no camera equipment except for the CAMERA, remote and a tripod -- choose a cloudy day -- always. Why? you ask (or don't -- I'm still going to tell you)

Soft, soft shadows.

So, never take a picture of anyone over 30 in harsh sunlight -- unless you are going for that craggy look -- in a woman. Nice.

But, I digress...

All but one important Stairweller made it to the photoshoot. We missed you Kelly!

Kelly, still singing

I set up the tripod and this happened

My best side

then this

Josee is so popular

and this...

Us being silly

There was no controlling them. Finally got the shot

2014 Stairwell Carollers group photo



  1. I love how Diana's hair just sizzles in that first one!

    1. I know! It's an amazing colour -- and all hers!

  2. Good thing you remembered the lint roller!

  3. All black! It's the first thing I bring! Thx for commenting, Ron 🎼🎶😊


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