Saturday, March 17, 2018

Top Ten 2017 Stairwell Thankful Moments - 40th Anniversary

Number 1 - Wonderful friendships; here, Dr. Andrea McCrady, our Dominion Carillonneur poses with director Pierre and a fresh new Program Booklet designed by Terry Brynaert for our 40th Xmas concerts!
40th Live CD - cover design Terry Brynaert
Number 2 - A beautiful CD cover design (also by Terry) for our Brand new 40th LIVE Christmas carol CD. Available HERE.

Number 3 - Doing what we do best -- fundraising for worthy causes. This money for Shepherds of good Hope was raised through a clever "Sponsor a Song" idea by David Rain (tenor).
Me and Michel
Number 4 - Catching up with so many old friends and Stairwellers like Michel Benac and Joel Haslam. So many Stairwellers came by I can't list more names here for fear of leaving people out!
Pierre and Joel
Pierre and Joel

Francis, Marie and Pierre are thrilled to meet up again after so many years.
Frances, Marie and Pierre
Number 5 - Fundraiser for OCISO - bonus - brilliant photos of us by Irena Zamchevska. 

Ottawa Celeb Adrian Harewood hosted the OCISO concert
Hosted by Adrian Harewood - exciting!
Number 6 - So thankful for our Stairwell Front of House Team - led by Michèle Auger.
Number 7 - Always a joy to rehearse with fellow Stairwellers - what a wonderful group of people - and so talented!
Maggie and Manon beam during reception clean-up.
Number 8 - Hardworking singers that go the extra mile to make all the concerts about more than just the music. David just took over PR Head so I could focus on our social media, blog and Youtube. Josée heads the crew for reception food. Manon "puts out fires of all kinds" and liaises with our venue contacts. Maggie is one of our Latin experts, catalogues our practise tapes and monitors the website for errors. Susan handles advertising and has been Treasurer for years, and Andrea is our secretary.

And of course all of you I failed to mention here -- what a fantastic, committed group! A blog post outlining all of you and your specific tasks is in the works.
Our loyal fans -- or are they fans of our reception table? Hmmm... JK
Number 9 - Our fans - we couldn't do it without you! Please continue helping us with your concert attendance, CD purchases and youtube subscriptions and views. And don't forget to audition!!
Pierre directs from the tenor section - here he sings a special song just for the men
Number 10 - Our Taskmaster /Master maestro / Composer/ Director, Pierre Massie, keeps on truckin'- despite a crazy health scare that he fought through the whole season! We all love you, Pete!

The Stairwell Carollers:

Pierre Massie began our a cappella choir 40 years ago, in 1977,  while he was a music student at Ottawa U. 

The Stairwell Carollers are now ranked with the best of Ontario choirs, winning both the 2010 and 2013 Ontario Music Festival Association competitions. 

A registered Canadian charity, we also help local charities with our concert, CD and cookbook salesNet proceeds benefit charity.

Please DONATE to support our 40th year workshops! 

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