Saturday, November 25, 2017

How to take a good group Photo PART 5 - The Devil is in the DPI

The Stairwell Carollers 2017 - 40 years!
Yes, before you tell me..  I used a similar title in our last Choral Cacophony Podcast . But as with all metaphors, it means something different here.

Detail - or the lack of it - as in a low DPI (Dots Per Inch) image can ruin the chance of your photo being used in a publication or, as in our case, our slick and gorgeous Program for our 40th Season.
Our 2017 program looks so professional!
I thought I knew almost all I could about my Canon Rebel t3i, but our new bass (and graphic arts expert), Terry Brynaert, taught me a thing or two.

In other words, don't be scared to shoot in the RAW.

No, not naked. Behave.
Low DPI Photo of Inbread cat - borrowed from the net
Luckily, I shot our group photos in RAW format, which has the potential for at least 300 DPI - the requirement for professional publishing. My mistake was to convert them with the wrong program which reduced their DPI (or PPI - Pixels Per Inch) automatically to un unusable 72. Terry was adamant that we needed the fine detail for the photos to look good in the Program, which motivated me to dig through my drawer of ignored CDRoms for the CD that came with my camera.

I popped it into my disk drive and crossed my fingers. After all, this is old tech trying to work with new Mac tech.

Computer grumbling...

Woh, it worked! Easy Peasy, thanks Canon!

I now apologize to everyone that I brushed away with one hand while shooting hundreds of shots with the other. Better to shoot a few less images in RAW format with the incredible detail and range of colour and shade that a high DPI can bestow than to waste time on multiple low DPI shots.

Next - The wonders and limits of my iPhone 6 plus for group photography

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