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20th Year for composition at National Gallery Soiree July 11th

Atrium in National Gallery of Canada

The Stairwell Carollers will sing Qui Creavit Celum at Music and Beyond's National Gallery Soiree, Tues. July 11th 2017 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. The Stairwell Carollers will be performing throughout the Gallery along with over 100 other musicians,  blending visual art and music for strolling audience members.

Qui Creavit Celum CD
Written 20 years ago for the choirs Premiere CD, Qui Creavit Celum is still a favourite of all of Pierre Massie's compositions.

The song recently received high praise from Music and Beyond's Executive Director, Julian Armour.

CD review from the Ottawa Citizen:

DECEMBER 1997                       

The Ottawa Citizen
Festive greetings from the Carollers

Qui creavit celum
Stairwell Carollers (independant)
Celebration is in the air of the Stairwell Carollers' first disc, and it's not just because of the festivities of the season. It's also the local choir's 20th anniversary and the CD marking that milestone is a success.
Impressive a cappella renditions of obscure and traditional Christmas carols are sung in French, English, German and Latin. The singing is impeccable for a small, amateur choir, but a big nod has to go to director Pierre Massie, who not only founded the ensemble but also produced the disc and composed the title track. Recorded in Ottawa's St. Columba Church by Ross Murray of Sound of One Hand Studios, the disc has a calm, complete sound that will make it a favourite with fans of choral Christmas music.
Qui Creavit Celum CD Song list

Here is our Youtube live concert version

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