Saturday, April 8, 2017

Are you on Twitter?

The Stairwell Carollers on Twitter @StairwellChoir

I've been on Twitter  for many years -- both as myself @HollyWroteIt and the Stairwell Carollers as @StairwellChoir. Yes, I run both. If you want to help managing the Stairwell Twitter profile please contact me, it's a big job and automation only goes so far. Twitter is supposed to be an instant info and discourse platform, so I have to keep my hands in it every day.
Twitter has gained us audience goers at concerts, a wonderful CD review from a composer in England and Youtube fans the world over. It;s a great place for me to share my blog posts, the choir's newsletter and CD's too. The best part is meeting so many choirs from literally everywhere!
I use my own twitter for my political ranting :) meeting authors and artists and musicians, and discovering amazing things about our world. If you are on Twitter and planning to help out your choir or group my creating and managing a profile for them, I would advise keeping your personal stuff and political views out of the choir feed.

I did share this one though.
Twitter was the first microblogging platform created and I'm too old to start something new. However, if you are in the Stairwell Carollers and want to do more on Instagram for us, I have a profile set up you could help manage...


Here's a post about how I learned some Twitter lessons the hard way.

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