Thursday, April 20, 2017

DONATE to support the Stairwell Carollers 40th year community celebrations

Singing Carols at the NAC, Ottawa in the '80's

Cheers, all you lovers of choral music. My group, The Stairwell Carollers, is coming up to our 40th year this Fall 2017!

Wow! 40 years of entertaining audiences in the National Capital region with our signature brand of a cappella vocals. We have many exciting Choral events for our home town in the works! We can't wait to share how far we have come on this journey.

Our award winning sound, our extensive repertoire and original compositions by Canadian Composers takes us light years from our humble beginnings. Did you know we started as a tiny group of students singing carols in the Ottawa University residence stairwells?

WE can't do this without your help! 
We need $15,000 to get community workshops, Festivals, competitions and special themed concerts off the ground.

Check out our streamlined new Donate page that Pete just created. Faites un don en Français.
Tax Receipt Bonus!!
The Stairwell Carollers are a registered Canadian Charity - all donations are eligible for a charitable receipt!

Here's a 40th teaser playlist that gives you a taste of where we've gone on our 40 year odyssey!

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