Saturday, April 22, 2017

Da Capo -- 30th anniversary spring tour of la Petite-Nation

Singing on the steps of the Manoir Papineau behind the Chateau Montebello
Looking forward to our upcoming 40th anniversary celebration,  it made me think back to our 30th anniversary (can't believe it's almost 10 years already!) and all of the fun things we did.  I will recap them in the coming weeks up to our start of our 40th year this Fall.

Back in 2008, we did a wonderful tour of la Petite-Nation, just across the water in the Outaouais region of Québec, specifically the lovely region of Montebello.

les Mélomanes, an organization of artists from the area, hosted our tour.
Waiting to sing a Mass in Ripon, Québec

Here is a page commemorating our 30th anniversary visit to la Petite-Nation in Quebec back in Spring 2008. It has more photos and specific details about our tour. Thanks to the organizers and Guy Nantel for the photos :)

Les Mélomanes treated us to a dinner at a rustic homestead farm
We had an amazing meal at a farm.
We sang for our supper :)
Diane, alto, and her husband Ernie provided some entertainment.
Roasting a whole lamb pour le souper à la Ferme Cavalier
The owner of la Ferme Cavalier roasted a whole lamb for us!

Yes, there is more! I will follow up soon with another post about this amazing weekend we had -- lots more memories and a Found-Art gallery visit!

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