Monday, February 6, 2017

Xmas Concert number Four at St. Mark the Evangelist

David Rain, Tenor - and composer of The Rideau Carol - stands to the left of the choir
Our 4th choral concert of the Christmas season, December 9th, 2016,  was at a brand new church - for us, that is! St. Mark the Evangelist on Fisher Avenue, Ottawa is on the west side of Bank street, inside the city without being downtown.

It's a small church that makes a big impression.
A decidedly unique design, St. Mark the Evangelist, Ottawa, On.

And... we were very happy to see they have a large parking area with easy access to the church. 

A good thing, since we basically move ourselves in for the evening. Singers, cloaks, and lighting equipment and risers take up acres of floor space.
Dress rehearsal night waiting for the choir to arrive

Our warmup room was convenient and the church interior gives the impression of a winter chalet nestled in the Swiss Alps.

Did we travel to the Alps? I'm not telling...

The concert was very well attended -- a full house with plenty of new faces in the audience! Thanks to the church organizers and volunteers who made it so easy for our first concert in a cozy new venue.

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