Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Da Capo -- The National Gallery Concerts PART ONE The Rideau Chapel

Glorious ceiling of the reconstructed Rideau Chapel

The Rideau Chapel is a heritage chapel saved from demolition and reconstructed within the  National Gallery of Canada. A permanent art installation, it is a wondrous space with vibrant live acoustics perfect for choral performance.
Rideau Chapel Stained glass window

When you walk in, you would swear the light pouring throughout the stained glass was from the afternoon sun and that you were above ground.

Rideau Chapel interior

In reality, the chapel is within the gallery building with no natural light whatsoever.
choir closeup at the Rideau chapel June 6 2010

The entrance to the chapel is in the garden atrium -- another piece of slight of hand, suspending disbelief with the lush plantings and massive sky lighted ceiling above.
National Gallery Atrium with Christmas display of Bromeliads

One feels as if they enter the chapel from a gated churchyard garden ( sans tombstones ) .

The Stairwell Carollers 2010 Rideau Chapel Concert

The Rideau Chapel is a perfect venue for our Sacred music and offers such choice in our physical setup. Oh, and the seats were full too. People wandered in from the Gallery when they heard the music and stayed for the whole concert.

Thanks to the kind stranger in the front row who I entrusted with my camera for concert shots. Good times!

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