Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Our thanks to the Stairwell Caroller Tech Crew of 2016!

Icon details St. Stephen's church, Chelsea, PQ

The Stairwell Carollers would not look and sound as good without our stellar Tech Crew!

Christoph and Ian hang lighting instruments

As always, our crew is made up of stalwart choristers, willing to do the heavy lifting...

Darren and our director, Pete set up our risers
-- and risk life and limb wrangling electrical cords.
René, Christoph and Richard solve a tricky lighting dilemma

Focusing lights, taping down cords, testing the sound system for our MC's microphones and many other countless jobs encompass a tech crews responsibilities.

Graham, René, Christoph and Ian adjust the lights

Thanks to all who stepped up this past year in the Stairwell Tech Crew!

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