Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mini Blog Challenge Party -- Ten Years Ago with The Stairwell Carollers

The Stairwell Carollers in 2003 -- ten years ago -- Dress rehearsal for Carols by Request Concert

Thursday's Challenge -- Throwback Thursday -- Ten Years!

2003 was a BIG year for the Stairwell Carollers

We pressed our third Christmas Carol CD Mourning Dove after much struggle with dripping ice on the roof of the church. 
Pete thinks about the ice

The haunting title track by our Director, Pierre. was chosen by our Dominion Carilloneur to be played on our National Capital's Carillon, at Parliament Hill here in Ottawa, Monday December 17th 2012.
Ice on the church roof stops recording

 Our 2003 Christmas concert season was a challenge in itself!

 Carols by Request was just that-- we had to learn many MANY carols -- old and new -- to be able to comply with our audiences possible requests. 

Twice as many carols were in the repertoire that year. We sang a set of lovely but uncommon carols in the first  set -- then, in the intermission, the audience chose their favourite carols and we compiled a second set ON THE SPOT. 

Some of the choices were SURPRISING. It was a heady and exciting (not to mention scary) experience. 
Purchase Mourning Dove here
Christmas is coming and our CDS make great gifts that give twice!  Proceeds from Stairwell Caroller merchandise helps local charities achieve their philanthropic goals. 

 We even have a cookbook  !

Holly :)

I will tell you tomorrow which carols won the top ten.


  1. O ... M ... G!!! I remember the leaky/drippy/noisy/annoying roof! And I believe it was Ryan who eventually climbed up there to undertake the chosen remedy (I won't say what it was, just in case we get in further trouble!). And I believe there were also problems with an uncooperative neighbour with a noisy snow blower, too! Ahhhhh ... the joys of recording in suburbia, eh?!

    I also remember that carols by request concert, too. What a fabulous idea that was!

    Gawd ... I sound like an old fart ... living through my memories (while I still have them) ... :oS

    1. Oh Di
      You make me laugh:)
      I'm so happy to have had the pleasure of singing beside you all these years -- we are 2 old f*rts for sure!

      Having to practice the extra carols for The Byward Market reminds me of the Carols by Request. Hope we aren't snowed out this year!


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Holly :)

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