Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mini Blog Challenge Party -- Friday -- Family!

Mom, our biggest fan

Challenge for Saturday -- How my Family Reacts to my Blog

Mostly they react well, thank you -- although most don't read it. 

My husband (our director) always does -- when I remind him.

I suppose it would be different if I were posting personal family photos and dishing dirt about them to the faceless internet, but since this blog is semi-personal, semi - formal and, most likely, semi-read I've had no hassles so far. 

(I am the online face of The Stairwell Carollers, and must use some discretion.)
insert funny caption here
...Except that one family member on facebook who complained that I was emailing updates from my ruddy choir constantly. Wrong end of the stick there-- they had their FB email notifications on and that was facebook's fault.

Now I'm going to get in trouble for posting that -- I can't win.

Of  course...
2012 Stairwell Caroller Xmas concert
Choral music is a Niche "like" and I don't expect my family to read my blog, much less come to concerts. 

Mom, sister and Dad -- waay before Me
My Mom was our most supportive family member, but she is in heaven now with Daddy and her beloved cat.

My eldest sister took her place in the pews and gives us standing ovations at every concert she attends.

Buy our new Sacred CD HERE
So, it's all good.


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