Saturday, December 15, 2012

Only tickets AT THE DOOR now for Glebe St. James Christmas carol Concert

                  Online tickets sales have been tremendous for our final two concerts of our 2012 Christmas carol season. 

Pete is turning off the online ticket option at 1:00pm today for  Glebe St. James, so you will have to get to the church early to purchase your ticket and get a seat.

Remember, there is NO reserved seating. If you have bought a ticket online, you still have to get there early to get your choice of seat.

Early Bird
What is early? I''d say no later that 7:00 pm. 

Susan will have her hands full making sure we don''t oversell and Michelle and her ticket crew will be very busy making sure every one gets a good seat. 

Glebe St. James United Church
 Saturday, Dec 15th Glebe St. James

Wednesday Dec 19th St. Columba
Scrambling for seats at our 2011 St. Columba concert

Online ticket option will remain for St. Columba until NOON of Dec 19th.

YouTube 2012 Concert teaser  

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