Friday, December 14, 2012

Gatineau Concert for L'Arche Agapè a joy to be remembered

       Dress Rehearsal Wednesday evening at L'Eglise St. Matthieu did not prepare us for the joyous moments we would experience in performance the coming Friday Dec 7th. 

Most of the audience had never seen us in concert before, and they were so responsive and vocal we felt washed in a wave of love from beginning to end. 

The community members of L'Arche Agapè were proudly seated in the front row and soaked up every note, their love of the music glowing in their faces. 

After the last song almost all of them jumped to their feet and wasted no time greeting us, shaking hands and telling us how much they enjoyed it.

Two and a half standing ovations later it was over, ranking amongst one of my most personally rewarding concerts.

CD sales were at a record high at this concert, and, after the fact, Susan suggested the Carollers donate $5 from each CD sold at the concert to L'Arche Agapè. We hope this little extra will help them go forward towards their goals -- including someday setting up a community workshop.

Evocative 2013 calendars are available from L'Arche Agapè that celebrate their community and family. Each splendid black and white photograph captures the moment with dignity and spontaneity.

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