Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome back to old friends! - and a brand new Stairweller!

The Stairwell Carollers singing in a stairwell, 1996
I am thrilled to announce that three favourite ex-Stairwellers  have returned to our waiting choral arms -- with us just in time to record our Sacred CD in May!
Pete and Keith in a pub on a choir trip to Quebec

Welcome back, José, Youssef and Keith -- all ex-Stairwellers  who have decided to come back to us and enjoy singing with the Stairwell Carolers once again! Everyone in the group is so thrilled to see them in the rehearsal circle again.

Keith has been with us for many years, and when he took a short sabbatical, we missed his resonant Bass voice and hilarious British sense of humor. He comes from a long history of performing Gilbert and Sullivan with Ottawa's Savoy Society.

In recent years, he took the excess grapes from my mothers grapevine and transformed them into beautiful wine. I have nine bottles he made from this years crop -- a soft Rosé with a kick. In fact, Keith wrote the wine-making instructions found in our 30th Anniversary Cookbook, EATWELL. His hand-crafted dandelion, rhubarb and grape wines  bring added enjoyment to all choir get-togethers.

José and Diane, both Alto 1
José will be singing first alto with me (yay!) and I am totally jealous of her posh choir binder.

We were all very disappointed to say goodbye to José back in 2005, but her young family and a brand new job meant she had a lot on her plate.

José kept up with us, doing a fantastic job emceeing at our major concerts. in 2007,  Joel Haslam and José made an outstanding team, as emcees  for our 30th anniversary concert.

Youssef and René, Bass

Youssef's smooth baritone was with us for a number of years, but unfortunately, in 2010, he needed to take a break for work related reasons.

 He kept up singing with other choirs in the meantime and is now able to return to our midst.

In our Bass section, John joins us
John, brand new Bass
with his wonderful Bass voice, deep and melodious.

Welcome, John!



  1. Welcome back to Youssef and Josee - and Keith (I'll have to give Keith grapes from my grapevine next year!), and welcome to John!


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