Monday, November 21, 2011

UPDATE -- OCDSB Arts recognition award to Pete Massie

Pierre Massie OCDSB Arts Integration Award 2010-2011

Pierre waiting for the event to begin
We went to the Gala at the OCDSB board office and I think Pete was a bit nervous.

Pete was thrilled to see so many friends and colleagues in attendance
It was all very grand. The place was packed with well-wishers for all the award-winners and my face got sore from smiling. Fellow carollers, friends and colleagues were there to share in Pete's big night and he was surprised how many came. He is at  heart a big softie and truly a modest person. His former principal, Pat Kulka was the one who nominated him for the award without his knowledge and kept it secret till she knew he had won.

Afterwards there was an abundant spread of munchies and enough Bridgehead coffee to satisfy the excited but exhausted gaggle of educators.

A lovely night in all -- Thanks Pat -- and of course the OCDSB.

Official OCDSB Awards announcement
Why Pete got this award.

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