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CD SPOTLIGHT -- Qui Creavit Celum -- The First Stairwell Caroller CD

CD cover Photo by Denyse Mageau, all rights reserved.
In May, 1997, we recorded our first CD, a Christmas Carol collection, named for Pierre's original lullaby-like Christmas carol, Qui creavit celum.

It became the title track which started a tradition -- each of our Christmas CDs to date have an original carol by Pierre as the title track. It has 27 Christmas carols -- some familiar, some not so common, but all beautiful and a joy to sing. I listen to that CD, mixed in with other Christmas music and invariably ask Pete. "Is that us?" 

At that moment, for a second, I can appreciate our music as the audience must -- as if I had no part in creating it.

original "proof" of  Qui creavit celum  back cover
Katrina in 1993

Our first CD recording was a bittersweet accomplishment, since it was to be the last time one of my best friends, and fellow Alto, Katrina Fowler, would lift her angelic voice in song.

She was in a great deal of discomfort during the recording sessions, but soldiered on -- it was so important to her to get this one last thing done. To get it on record for all time.Barely one month after we finished the recording, Katrina would succumb to her breast cancer. She had battled it for two years from the onset, so her struggle was a short but brave one.

We dedicated Qui creavit celum to her memory, and a portion of the proceeds went to breast cancer research.
Liner Notes for CD
Details of each carol on the inner booklet

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  1. Thanks Holly. Great memories! It is amazing that I am still singing with you and creating new memories for my old days :)


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Holly :)

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