Friday, May 6, 2011

Stairwell Carollers Tenor, David Rain, in the USC RUN FOR BIODIVERSITY --help 3rd world farmers

Hi folks, it’s me again, pestering, I mean inviting my fellow Carollers to consider supporting my 16th Marathon run here in Ottawa on May 29th. This year, I'm running wild for food and farmers, as a fund-raising project for USC Canada, my employer since 1993. 

I am joined by a record 42 runners and long-distance walkers in USC’s Run for Biodiversity!

You can support our efforts and help farming families in Africa, Asia and Latin America by making an online donation, or by sending a cheque to: USC Canada, Run for Biodiversity, 56 Sparks Street, Suite 705, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5B1.

I have a suggested donation to fit every budget, and every imagination level:

1.       $355 = 355 is roughly the number of miles that I will have run during my pre-race training phase, and coincidentally it is also the time (3:55) that I will need to beat in order to qualify for the celebrated Boston Marathon in 2012.

2.       $160 = a donation of $160 will definitely go a long way in helping to ease the pain of those 16 marathons! J

3.       $102 = this November 28th will be the 102nd anniversary of the birth of USC’s founder, Dr Lotta Hitschmanova. If you haven’t already, I invite you to visit our website, to learn more about this great Canadian humanitarian.  

4.       $59 = the perfect amount (in years) to celebrate ageing – i.e. it’s the ripe old age of this runner on race day!

5.       $42 = if you think in metric, and not in miles, then running a marathon always seems to feel that much longer – 42.195 km to be specific.

6.       $26 = now what could be easier than running a mere 26.2 mile marathon..

Why is Biodiversity so Important?
is all about food and farmers. It’s the earth’s life-support system, and nature’s brilliant insurance policy against disaster. If something fails, there’s a back-up plan: Biodiversity! That’s why the UN has declared 2011-2020 the International Decade of Biodiversity, and May 22 International Biodiversity Day.

As always, a donation in any amount is most welcomed, and tax receipts will be issued for $10 or more.

Many thanks for your support!


PS: In case you missed it last year, check out this Ottawa Citizen article on a magical running experience I once had in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Run for Biodiversity

I'm running wild for food and farmers. Support USC Canada's Run for Biodiversity!

David Rain Legacy Gifts and Donor Recognition

USC Canada 56 Sparks Street, Suite 705
Ottawa, ON Canada K1P 5B1

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