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CHOIR HOW-TO -- the Treasurer -- NOTEable Mention

If your group collects money, you HAVE to have a Treasurer. The ideal is a knowledgeable, trustworthy person, within your ranks, who can fill the position. Be wary of appointing just anyone -- the responsibility is a huge one and since it involves money, it must be organized and accountable.

We are extremely fortunate to have such a person in the Stairwell Carollers. Susan Pullan, Alto, has been with us since 1996 and her voice can be heard on each of our 6 CDs.
Susan at Rideau Hall in Victorian costume, 2001
Taking notes at  Steering Committee
With the production of our first cassette tape, we realized the need for a formal book-keeper, and Denyse Mageau, Soprano, stepped in as our first treasurer. There virtually when the choir began-- and still in the choir today -- she served valiantly for a number of years, struggling with the number-crunching task without the benefit of computers and spreadsheets. A former member, David Malecki, (Tenor and a computer programmer) took the job to the next level -- a budget with electronic accountability.

When Susan joined the Steering Committee and became Treasurer we had reached a turning point. As each treasurer before, she worked with the tools at hand and gave willingly of her time and expertise. Not only does she continue to fulfill this responsibility with precision and grace, she gives us reports  of sales and our cash flow status.She produces these reports at the conclusion of each singing season -- twice a year.

In all the years since, there has been no other choir member who could replace her as Treasurer with such apparent ease and modest good humour. We are blessed that she is ready and willing to continue performing for the choir both onstage and off.

She also makes a mean Boccocini Salad :)


Because the Stairwell Carollers is a registered non-profit charity, we must hold an AGM (annual general meeting) once a year and share our budget with the membership (the choir's current members). The AGM is usually held at the beginning of September after our summer hiatus. Accountability to your public is priceless. If you have no-one in the choir to do this important job, and a lot of money to manage, you may have to pay an accountant to do the books for you.

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