Monday, August 27, 2018

Top 10 reasons to Audition for Les chanteurs Stairwell Carollers - 5 - Français et Anglais!

Our recent 40th Anniversary - Les Chanteurs Stairwell Carollers
Top 10 reasons to audition for my Ottawa Choir, The Stairwell Carollers / 
Les 10 meilleures raisons d'auditionner pour ma chorale d'Ottawa,  Les chanteurs Stairwell:

5 - You like singing in English and French. Vous aimez chanter en anglais et en français.
We are a proudly bilingual choir and, sometimes, we even sing French and English (and other languages) in the same song! 

NB: the English verse is a John Rutter arrangement.

2018 Stairwell Carollers audition notice

If you're a soprano, tenor or bass, email to set up your audition time.

Post by David R. and Holly M.

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