Monday, December 4, 2017

Choral Cacophony Podcast #16 En El Portal de Belen

En El Portal de Belen is a lively and fun Puerto Rican Christmas carol that we have enjoyed singing for a couple of years now. We couldn't have done it so well without a lot of help with the pronunciation. In this episode, you can hear Josée (alto) coaching us. More about why she is our resident Spanish expert in a later blog post.

Chapter 1 -  Josée reads the lyrics with the proper pronunciation.
Chapter 2 - And we practice!! Pierre makes us go slow -- then fast!!

I couldn't include this without considering all the trouble the people of Puerto Rico have had in the past weeks with the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. This year will be quite different and a real challenge for the survivors to keep up their Christmas spirit.
Statistics progress in Puerto Rico  Hurricane Maria Update
Here are a few ways you can help them have a merrier Christmas:

The direct link to FEMA - lots of great advice about how to help.
United for Puerto Rico
National voluntary organizations active in disaster

Here is our live concert video of En El Portal de Belen on You tube...

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  1. We also sing this Christmas carol in Mexico. It's amazing to be able to perform a song, any song, in another language. I'll be tweeting this! Greetings from the Inspire Me Monday linky :)


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