Thursday, November 9, 2017

"One Last Song" - Remembrance Day - Lest We Forget - Youtube video

Lest we forget - Remembrance Day Nov 11, 2017
Here is a video I made using simple rehearsal audio from our dress rehearsal for our St. Bartholomew concert last spring. The song is called "One Last Song" and is written by Contemporary Irish composer, Michael McGlynn. The rendition is a bit rough -- it is a rehearsal, but still has a lonesome beauty in the men's pure raw voices.

Below is a quote from Michael McGlynn's Facebook Page for his choir, Anúna, explaining his inspiration to compose this song:

"I don't sing solo very much anymore, and this is probably the hardest piece to sing for me as I wrote it for a special old soldier. I had two Great Grandfathers who joined the British Army in the Great War, one a Private, the other a Farrier. Times were terribly hard in Ireland and it was a way out of poverty for so many."

Remembrance day is this Saturday, so I think it's fitting. - dedicated to those who sacrificed for our freedom...
Audio: The choir's Sony recorder :)
Photos: Holly Massie
From the Legion's official website, two important videos:

The Legion's Virtual Wall of Honour and Remembrance and Two Minutes of Silence.
FYI, There is no sound to these videos.

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