Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Why Choral Music ? Why Listen? Why Not?

Singing in a chorus is FUN :)
OK, recently we had a blog post from a member of our group expressing the joy and satisfaction she derives from singing in our choir. Choristers, Directors and choral music lovers love, love, love vocal music - a cappella or accompanied - and need no convincing.

Yes, I said a cappella ( unaccompanied vocal music is choral music -- surprise!)

It made me again wonder why choral music is not more popular. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU.

Me? I just clicked on this link by accident. I thought there would be some MUSIC here.
Pop music of the 15th century - the Madrigal
I can't understand those words --  it's not even a song I know.

True dat, but do you really understand what Rihanna is saying in this song?? The whole internet didn't understand -- and that actually helped it go viral.

And, did you somehow  know it before you heard it?? 

Ri...ght, but you guys aren't  Rihanna - or even Drake.

Nope, but there are super famous vocalists who sing our kind of music -- and you aren't listening to them either. (see Pentatonix above)

All right, fine -- I just don't LIKE that CHURCHY stuff - you always sing in a church, so it must be some kind of gimmick for me to join your religion, right?

Uh, actually, churches make unplugged vocals ring - so the main reason is acoustics. Choral groups sing tons of stuff that isn't religious. And even Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" isn't a religious song. If you still haven't listened to the Pentatonix cover I embedded, scroll up!

Um, I just like songs about sex, drugs and rock and roll.

I give up.

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