Monday, June 5, 2017

Saturday's concert was Everything Vocal and Violin!

One of our best nights ever! Biggest Spring audience, warmest reception, wonderful music!
Our arrival at St. Barnabas in downtown Ottawa for our concert on Saturday started inauspiciously in clouds of incense and a mad rush to set up equipment. Bustling around, breathing the spicy air, it was easy to feel light-headed; there was a different excitement building to this upcoming concert.

A never before treat was waiting for us, a special guest performance by a musical group; an event we were anticipating eagerly after watching  Fiddlehead Soup's videos on their website.

Please subscribe to Fiddlehead Soup's Youtube Channel

This guest performance came about because our $1000 Scholarship recipient is Ursa Meyer - on the right in the photo below. One-third of Fiddlehead Soup! Very cool! She is a student at Canterbury High School.
Fiddle head soup -- must be seen LIVE!
Ursa sings with heart and soul

Stairwell Carollers 2017 $1000 Scholarship - Ursa Meyer - Violin

Our $500 Scholarship recipient is Chantal Prouse from  École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges. She plays French Horn.
Stairwell Carollers 2017 $500 Scholarship - Chantal Prouse - French Horn

After Fiddlehead Soup, we ended the set with the Men of the Stairwell Carollers singing "one Last Song". They chose the choir loft and the sound was glorious!!
Check the tweet Memory below - we got a special message from the Composer, Michael McGlynn!

And thanks to Drew for taking such great concert photos for us.
The Men of the Stairwell Carollers sing from the choir loft at St. Barnabas church, Ottawa
Afterwards, there was the reception, which -- like the concert -- was standing room only!
Everyone inhaled food as Alasdair (bass) chose a happy CD winner.
Alasdair stands on a chair to see over the crowd and announce the door prize winner

Martha, alto, and our CD winner

If you are kicking yourself for missing this concert -- no worries -- we have ONE MORE concert in the works!
We are looking forward to our final performance of the Spring season, a Free Will Offering Concert, June 17 2017 at Stittsville United church at 2:30 pm

Hope to see you there!!

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  1. Great photos.A small detail, Alisdair? Alasdair? is a basse, not a tenor.

    His name is not always written the same way. Is it i or a? i in the program but a in the members' list and his e mail address. :)

  2. Thanks, I will fix that. I'll ask him about his name 🤔

  3. Alas...
    HUGE apologies to Alasdair for misspelling his name so creatively. We also misspelled it on the program. So sorry Alasdair. :X


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Holly :)

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