Monday, May 15, 2017

A new choir arrangement -- for the chairs

Rehearsing in groups
Usually we rehearse in a circle and do different choral arrangements.

The other day, we did a different arrangement -- of seating.

The point of this rearrangement is to rehearse in a different orientation to other voice parts. Normally, I sit between two other altos, but shifting around to have altos behind me and basses to the left gives me an entirely different challenge in singing my part.
Rae moves to a new position
Pierre puts us in the different seats - groups of four, two rows each and rotates us around throughout the rehearsal to make us do just that - get used to other peoples voices and harmonies. It's great practice for ear training.
Pierre uses movable doh in warmups
And you never know where you may be standing when you get to a new venue depending on the size or shape of the stage or pulpit or choir loft.
View from the basses
Here's a taste of our rehearsal.
...and, if you like what you hear...

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