Monday, April 10, 2017

Our Fresh NEW LOOK for Spring 2017

White Parrot Tulips, Tulip Festival, Ottawa

Our Wordpress migration will be a while yet, so I thought I'd freshen up our look here at old Blogger.

I kind of surprised myself. First off, I was fearful of applying a new theme, since I've added code to this over the years to tweak it. That will be for another day.

I found a new Font called "Philosopher". It's more like us I think. If it causes any problems in your browser please tell me.

Got rid of the background picture -- old school no more! I think those were popular when the internet had little choice of images and poor photo resolution was the norm. We added anything to give colour to our pages then!

I visited our Shareaholic and Addthis profiles to clean up some annoying old share buttons... and found some stray ancient widgets that slowed up the site in general.

Et, Voilà!

Our New Stairwell Carollers Choir Blog look!

Do you like it?

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