Monday, March 27, 2017

Auto I LIKE that FB Page? - What Page? Where Invite? Who?

Cool car from Car show in Manotick
Sometimes I think Facebook is like the cool car everyone wants to drive.

You sit behind the wheel, toot the horn, take off and hang your arm out to wave at all your friends.

But none of us really knows how that car works and can barely drive it around the block without stripping the gears.

But, to my point of this auto-analogy...
This one fits all your friends

I've been asking and asking, and ASKING, my friends to LIKE our choir page for, well... years now. I have over 500 friends, and about 175 came through.

OK, you say -- everyone has the right to NOT "like" a page. Our friendship doesn't hinge on it.
if you're akin to me, you may have had NO IDEA that anyone had even INVITED you to LIKE A PAGE.

See, I figure Facebook doesn't care. They do SELL LIKES, after all. 

They have buried everyone's "Page like Invites" somewhere you'd never guess - unless you did a Google search like I did. 
EVERYONE on the interwebs was just as confused as me about the location of PAGE LIKE INVITES.

Here's how to see your "page invites" . At the top of the page you will see INVITES and a number - click the number. There. Voila.

You do have to be on a desktop version of Facebook ( or on your computer) to see your invites. The mobile app does not show it.

Apologies to my friends for the repeated requests, when you were probably like me and just couldn't find this particular snazzy car's hood latch.
a very Snazzy car

Happy Liking!

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