Monday, February 13, 2017

The BIG one -- Knox Presbyterian

Like Ducks - calm on the surface, paddling like mad underneath.

On to our 2nd last concert of the season, Dec 16 2016. Knox Presbyterian church on Elgin in downtown Ottawa is the BIG one -- literally. This has become our home in recent years for our biggest concert of the season.  The church has superior acoustics.

Despite looking cool and collected, we were understandably, shall I say - FOCUSED?  I felt bad for our new singers -- a lot of pressure, since tonight they would also be recorded for YouTube! 

David Rain, Composer and tenor, poses with his Muse - the Rideau Falls, Ottawa, Canada

As at every concert this season, we sang David Rain's new composition, "The Rideau Carol" but tonight it would be immortalized on video. No, David wasn't a bit nervous...

and Andrew Jones would not be on edge either, since his father's "Gower Wassail" would be recorded for posterity too. Nope. Not nervous. At. All.

That's about the biggest church I've ever been in -- more like a cathedral!

Okay, we were all nervous. It kept us on our toes.
Setting up lights, sound and risers at Dress Rehearsal

$2000 charitable gift to the Alzheimer Society presented at Knox concert

After the concert, we gave out a door prize as a thank-you to our audience. I make up the baskets myself  and fill them with donated products from local retailers. 

Alasdair announces the door prize winner

Thanks goes out this year to Fabricland on Merivale Rd. Sobey's, Starbucks, Second Cup, Home Depot in Barrhaven and Kit and Kaboodles in Nepean for all the donations of goodies and wrappings and trappings for the 2016 Gift Baskets!

Daughter of our winner, Martha, alto and Alasdair, tenor.

A small portion of the audience at the reception after -- our biggest audience ever!

To learn more about the work of the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County, or to support their Walk for Alzheimer’s fundraiser in May, visit or call 613-523-4004.

Over the years, proceeds from our CD and ticket sales have allowed my choir, the Stairwell Carollers ,to give over $130,000 in music scholarships and donations to dozens of local charities.


  1. Someone sent me the link to your blog because my mother is starting to show signs of Alzheimer's. The Knox Presbyterian church looks big yet cozy. I went to Youtube and watched the concert and I must say I really like that song "The Rideau Carol." You guys presenting the Alzh Alzheimer Society of Ottawa a check was inspiring.

    1. Thanks Carson! My mother had Alzheimers too. It has touched a lot of people and the Alzheimer Society helps so many family members with the steep learning curve and challenges.


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