Monday, February 27, 2017

Back "home" for our final concert of 2016

St. Columba - our Choir Home away from Home
Last, but definitely not least, our last choir concert of the 2016 season. It was held at our rehearsal and recording home, St. Columba Anglican church on Sandridge rd. Ottawa, Saturday, Dec 17th.
Warming up downstairs before the show
Now that there are so many Stairwell Carollers, the roomy recreation hall downstairs makes a great pre-concert space to warm up.
Before the concert warm up from another angle
Packed to the rafters yet again, the concert was the best one of the season!
We love the "Frank Lloyd Wright" look of St. Columba
The clean lines and asymmetry of the church's design combined with an abundance of natural wood make it a wonderful recording venue. Both for CD purposes and live concerts.
Martha presents the door prize basket to our lucky audience member

Warm sound, warm audience, warm feelings to end our 2016 singing season!

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