Monday, February 20, 2017

Audition Success! Thanks for coming out :)

Wow! we did so well this last season! We got a lot of new people last year and most of them decided to stay with us for this coming Spring season of Song. It's great to see so many back at rehearsal after the Christmas break. These people all know the commitment it takes to continue to do the work we do. My apologies to our newer members not mentioned in the previous welcome posts are Christophe (already Vice-President of the choir committee), Christina, Ian, Hank, Erin, Darrin, Tobi and Alisdair.

As it seems to happen every season, we lost a few of our newer singers to unavoidable school and work time conflicts or pressures and family issues. A sad but true fact in our modern busy world.
Everyone mid-note

Welcome back from a short hiatus, tenor, Brett, and welcome to three brand new sopranos - Kristina, Aude and Anika :)
New-soprano's-eye-view of our dynamic director

As you should know, being chosen for the Stairwell Carollers has less to do with musical knowledge and more to do with what kind of voice you have. Pierre has strived through the years to maintain a group sound that ensures no matter who comes and goes, we still sound like "The Stairwell Carollers" have always sounded.

Check out our CDs, and you will see how amazing that is -- you would swear it was the very same group that recorded every one!

So, if you tried out and didn't make it, be assured it wasn't because you don't have a great voice or attitude. We are just one of SO many great Ottawa area choirs and there is one out there that needs your special voice!

Pete's not doing a Hula - it's Movable Do.

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Holly :)

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