Saturday, January 7, 2017

SOLO SATURDAY -- Signs of the Stairwell Carollers

Photo credit St. Stephen's church, Chelsea 2013
Through the years we have been advertised and promoted in many ways -- including all forms of media, radio, TV, newspapers and now online. But the most memorable for me are the posters and signs made by churches and community groups who hired us for fundraising concerts. Here are a selection of those lovingly made advertisements.

Especially effective and completely unexpected!

This years most beautiful poster from St. Stephens in Chelsea

And their French poster -- completely different!

Our French name displayed at the Montreal Mondial event

 Ooo, we got our own sandwich board!
Our sandwich board sign brings walk-ins to the concerts
 That's us in the Ottawa Santa parade with our own Horse drawn float.
Look close, our name is on the side
St. Paul's made sure everyone knew EVERYTHING about us with this display :)
But the minimalist approach works too

I'm sure I could find more, but it's getting late and you get the idea...

Pop back to 1984 and a little letraset sign sitting on a music stand...
Our  first sign -- on a music stand, circa 1984

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