Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Music makes us One

Falling Snow
Falling Snow
A personal blog post by Rae, soprano. Haiku- like, short and sincere .

I sit in my livingroom, looking out at the year's first snow, and listen to my choir's new CD.

The voices envelop me, the words comfort me, the Christmas tradition connects me to the countless years, times, these carols have been sung. Some are new, first time heard -- brilliantly composed by the man who leads us, who I am so very privileged to sing with.

Such beauty! Old, and new, every one, every repetition, adding to the world. The songs, and the snow, both.

Reminding me that while we're each of us alone, some sadder than others, we can still be alone side by side, walking, looking, listening, seeing the same snow, singing the same music.

The bleak midwinter awaits me outside, my dogs impatient.

My livingroom, and the timeless music, await my return.


1 comment :

  1. Beautiful Rae :)
    - a fellow member


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