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St. Stephen's Church, Chelsea, Quebec -- Christmas Concert Recap 2013

St. Stephen's church Chelsea, PQ against a cobalt winter sky
St. Stephen's church against a cobalt winter sky
            A gorgeous and crisp winter's night, a quaint Heritage church and an intense and focused audience made St. Stephen's concert, Saturday, Dec 7th, truly one of a kind.

We were in awe of the atmosphere as we waited for Pete to give us our first note.
A Full House! View from the choir loft, St. Stephen's church, Chelsea, PQ Photo, Suzanne Gibeault
A Full House! Photo, Suzanne Gibeault
The church has amazing acoustics and is visually stunning.
Altar details with angel sculptures in candlelight
Altar details with angel sculptures
The icons and painted murals reminded me of our recent visit to Medieval churches in Germany.
View of Central ceiling mural hovers above the pews
Central ceiling mural
We arrived ahead of everyone -- to a vision in the night...
 Front view of St. Stephen's at night
St. Stephen's at night
The blue sky just past dusk gave me the chance to capture some glorious shots of the exterior.
View of Ironwork sign for St. Stephen's silouetted against the crisp winter night sky
Ironwork sign for St. Stephen's
Waiting inside.. a photog's dream.
Impressive View from the second floor balcony at St Stephen's, Chelsea, PQ
View from the second floor balcony
A little setting up, a little rehearsing and a little, sorry, make that a LOT of encouragement and hands-on help from the churches deacons put everyone in a singing mood.

The organizers even supplied a photographer, Suzanne Gibeault, who took all the concert photos (since I was singing) and promptly sent them to us -- an early Christmas present!
Front view of the Stairwell Carollers having a singing good time! Photo, Suzanne Gibeault
Having a singing good time! Photo, Suzanne Gibeault
Happy New Year!


  1. It was such a pleasure to have the Stairwell Carollers perform at our local church up in Chelsea for Christmas 2013. Their 8-part a capella pieces were a pure joy to listen to and so beautifully performed with precision. My favourite pieces were the 'Village Wedding' and 'Puer Natus'. I hope another engagement up our way is possible. Loving your photos, Holly of our church. They are quite lovely. Blessings!

    1. What wonderful compliments! Thank you for being there and taking such lovely photos !


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