Friday, January 24, 2014

Ottawa Choir Auditions Next Week! Basses, Tenors please contact us Now! See Youtube Video

Stairwell Carollers call for auditions              Just a few more days before auditions start at St Columba Church, 24 Sandridge, Ottawa, Ontario - Wed Jan 29th and the following Wed Feb 5th! 
To reserve your audition time, email us at 

If you have questions, email anytime or use the comment option below. Holly will reply ASAP.

If you live in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, The Stairwell Carollers may be the choir you've been looking for.

We sing Renaissance, ancient and modern music in a capella style, and rehearse once a week year round (with a little summer vacation:). We have two seasons -- Spring (Renaissance and Medieval Sacred and secular pieces, Masses and Madrigals) and Christmas (Christmas carols ancient, Olde and New).

The ability to read music is an asset, but not a requirement for our group :)

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You can also email your questions to me - info (at) stairwellcarollers (dot) com.
Holly :)

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