Monday, December 16, 2013

Personal Christmas Memories -- two Youtube videos of Christmas music from my childhood

Blooming Crown Of Thorns -- photo, Holly Massie, all rights reserved
         A long-time dear friend, comic book artist, Mike Grell, just sent me this Youtube Video. A wonderfully old-fashioned rendition of "O Holy Night" sung by Ernie Ford and Gordon MacRae -- names familiar to those of us 55 and older :)

Mike had no idea his little email would stir recollections of  my own childhood Christmases. I was only three years old when this aired -- but it is so familiar to me -- and lovely to see and hear again. Hope it brings back memories for you too.

So I decided to search You Tube for my all time favourite Christmas album -- The Sound Of Christmas by Julie Andrews. This is the title song from that album.

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