Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mini Blog Challenge Party -- Monday (on Wed night) Confessions!

Me, Westin Bed, Montreal ComicCon, NOT blogging

  Monday Challenge -- confessions of a Blogger

Well, I have to confess -- I am writing this on Wednesday night -- since last week and my weekend were so crazy (attended Montreal ComicCon!!) that I am now FAKING it big-time!
Pete and I at Mike Grell's table -- the empty chair is MINE. #entourage


Sometimes I schedule my blog entries so it seems I wrote them in the Bright and early Morn -- but really it was the dark and stormy night that gave me my inspiration.


I place

lots of


to make my points seem more...


Sometimes I am just lazy, and cut and paste the description from our latest You tube upload rather than writing new text when I embed the vid in the blog.

Now, pretend I posted this on Monday...

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