Friday, March 15, 2013

The Stairwell Interviews -- Joe, Prince of Westboro

Joe, tenor, is seriously funny... serious, now
            The Stairwell Interviews - Joe Carew, tenor. Hails from Belgium -- citizen of the world. 

One of the first to reply when I sent out the interview request, Joe -- musical tongue firmly planted in cheeky reply -- made me laugh out loud.

Original questions in RED italics

"I, JOE THE GREAT, PRINCE OF WESTBORO, have been with the Stairwell Carollers for ONE SEASON . I sing BEAUTIFULLY IN TUNE, ALWAYS."

"I've been singing since I was a wee one. It's a great hobby, as it's very portable and you can get involved wherever you go."

Presiding over the food at Josee's Stairwell party
Why choral music? Why not Hip-hop or Opera?
 "I do hip hop and opera as well, actually."

"I will be in La Traviata(Opera Lyra concert performance) on 21 and 23 march at the NAC! come one come all. 
But, I prefer singing in smaller choirs -- there is more sensitivity required from the singers, they have to listen to what others are doing and each voice makes a difference. So for me it's kind of more musical."
What is different about singing a cappella? "The main difference with a cappella is that at the end of each song people test the pitch and say accusingly at each other 'we went down a whole tone!'. "

"Also, you need to have interesting arrangements because you don't have back-up instruments to fill out the sound.
Patapan -- lyrics in old French. Tenor and Bass lines simulate a drum.

What brought you to the Stairwell Carollers? "The wonderful website!" Thanks, Joe!

Joe amuses Rebecca before a concert
With the Stairwell Carollers,

I sang on a moving bus  "NO, not yet :)"

I sang on Parliament Hill   "NO, not yet :)"

I sang inside the Parliament Buildings  "Not yet :) NO"

I sang in pouring rain/freezing drizzle  "No, but I have cycled to the practices in the pouring rain/snow/freezing blizzard, does that count ?" At this point, yes!

I sang while tears ran down my face   "NO - stop blubbing you big babies!"

I sang for a packed house  "YES.  Yep yep yep. It was a good Christmas season this year, eh?"
The Stairwell Carollers 2012 group photo. Joe is right of our new member. the Xmas tree.

I sang beside Santa  "Santa is fictional, so no, sorry."

I sang “Happy Birthday” to a random stranger in a bar  "YES... probably..."

Tenors -- Joe, Morgan and Graham -- prepare, pre-concert at Almonte
Have you had a Stairwell Caroller “Ah-Ha” moment you can relate?  "Not one that could be published. Hee hee."

Sum up our director, Pete, in three words or less... or more...  "Male, Human, Nutty. And WONDERFUL."

So are you, Joe-- so are you.

Joe has sung in choirs in England, France, Italy, Belgium and Canada.

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