Thursday, December 27, 2012

BEHIND THE SONG -- Gift Basket Love for Stairweller concerts

Gift basket from Greely Foodland for our final concert of the 2012 Christmas carol season
Two incredible gift baskets donated for our final two concerts! 

Ever since I got my idea to use gift baskets for concert reception door prizes, I've been spending my spare time madly assembling gift baskets with products donated by various generous businesses around Ottawa. 

Then, two wonderful merchants went over the top, and each donated completed baskets worth over $50 each!

From Downtowne Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe in Merrickville, a homey basket with a gorgeous bow - filled with Shelley's hand-made chocolates and candies

Shelley Innes serving customers a taste
Be sure to visit The Downtowne Ice Cream Shoppe in Merrickville. 

Shelley and a handful of hand-picked helpers make all the ice cream (and Gelato in the summer) by hand from Shelley's own recipes. Her artist daughter, Heather, comes up with whimsical names and paints all the signs within the shop.
Fleur's Finest hand-made chocolates

This antiqued metal gift basket is reminiscent of a sleigh.

They also stock every nostalgic candy and treat you could want as well as her amazing line of hand-made chocolates, named for Shelley's mom -- Fleur's Finest.

Visit MacKinnon's Foodland in Greely when you are traveling south in the Ottawa Valley. Kit makes spectacular gift baskets of unrivaled value. Her gift to us of a $50 value gift basket looks more like $150!

 Needless to say, the baskets were huge hits at both concerts -- details to follow!!


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