Monday, November 5, 2012

A new season -- and some new singers in the Stairwell!

Stairwell Caroller 2011 Christmas concert at The National Gallery, Ottawa, On.
       This year rang many changes...

Josée as MC during her hiatus from the Carollers

Two former Stairwellers came back to record our latest CD, Cantate Domino (also our first recording of Sacred music from the Renaissance) and we are thrilled that Josée is staying on to enrich the alto section. 

A few of us altos

Joseph, tenor
Joseph, new to Canada from Belgium, has joined the tenor section. Joseph is fluent in a number of languages, has a smooth tenor voice and his winning smile really suits our style. 

(That's the closest to Rap I will ever get.)  

Graham, tenor
Another new tenor and youngest Stairweller this year is Graham, one of Pete`s music students.  
Denyse giving Rebecca some pointers
A new addition to the Soprano section is Rebecca, here getting lots of advice and help from Denyse.

Paul, being Paul -- brought his own Santa flag
In June, we tragically lost a dear friend and fellow Stairwell Caroller, Paul Churchill. What you may not know is that Paul had auditioned a number of years ago. When he returned last year, Pete welcomed him on board. We all looked forward to many years sharing both his friendship and unique contribution to the choir. 

Sadly, fate had a different plan. Paul's voice is immortalized on Cantate Domino and the first thought we all had was to dedicate it to his memory.

Cantate Domino is dedicated to the memory of Paul Churchill, tenor, whose voice and heart will be forever remembered.

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