Monday, October 8, 2012

Recording a CD -- Cantate Domino -- Part 6 -- Done........... or is it?

Pierre Massie, our director and taskmaster, gets the job done
               In our 6th and final recording session, Saturday, June 2nd, we sang from 5pm to 9 pm. 

We recorded the last few songs with a spirit of accomplishment and communal sighs of relief. The final echo of our voices on the last song were followed by huge smiles - everyone was exhausted but satisfied. We just knew this CD would be worth all the effort because the entire choir, led by Pete, put so much of their heart and soul into singing each note. 


Jay's grin was no less wide, despite the fact that our end of recording meant the beginning of his his own share of the work. Now that the music was "in the can", Pete, Jay and fellow Alto, Susan would begin their own labour of love -- LISTENING . If patience is a virtue, these three must be the most virtuous humans on the planet, since the ensuing weeks of sitting and poring over the tapes to choose the best sections will encompass almost as many hours as the recording sessions. The make or break decisions  for the final sound on the CDs is now up to them. 

 Recording a CD -- part 1   part 2  part 3  part 4   part 5 


Pre-order our new CD, CANTATE DOMINO - a selection of Renaissance Sacred choral pieces.

Cantate Domino is dedicated to the memory of Paul Churchill, Tenor, whose voice and heart will be forever remembered.

Cantate Domino will be pressed in October -- if you live in the Ottawa area, you can purchase our CDs directly from choir members. 

You can also buy them at Ottawa area stores, online, or at our live concerts.

35 lb. turkey --  home-grown by my niece, Colleen

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Hope your turkey is locally grown!! 

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