Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NOTEable Mention -- The PR Committee

Stairwell Carollers PR committee confers
David, Ann, Bill and Diana check out clippings

Congratulations to this year's amazing PR committee who worked so hard to get us on the global  music map!

David, using his natural interest in journalistic writing, has produced many articles about the choir. We all hope he continues, since his talent and drive in contacting all the local newspapers and keeping track of important details along the way is unparallelled.
Thanks so much, David!

Ann has many contacts in the media and with her experience with publicity has helped galvanize the PR committee into what it has become. She is a lynchpin in ways I can't even imagine. Invariably, when I ask her, "Hey, Ann, did you see this community paper or that online billboard?" she had -- and she had already contacted them and was waiting on an answer.
Thanks, Ann!

Diana, our Vice-President, plays down her involvement, claiming that she has mostly proof-read copy. Of course, she looks over David's articles and press releases and (in her own words) enjoys tweaking words and phrases. Likewise for other print and web material,  looking over the newsletter and programs for font types and sizes, spelling, and overall visual appearance. She even managed to spell check in two different languages this year: Huron and Spanish! (but speaks neither -- amazing!) Don't ask her to do the same for numbers or financial documents, though (her own words, again.)

She also talks up the choir A LOT and puts up posters wherever she can.
Thanks a bunch, Di!
René, our president, at the AGM with the Steering Comittee

 René, our President, is our main "French Connection" for the PR committee.  Like the entire choir, many of the PR committee are francophone or bilingual, but his pristine understanding of the French language makes him the perfect translator-on-the-spot. He also steers us toward French media and venues we may have missed otherwise. We are looking forward to some exciting possibilities for festivals and competitions coming up proposed by René and the Steering committee. Keep tuned here to stay up to date.
Merci, René!

Pete, husband and director, and me, Holly

Holly (that's me) --  if you read this  blog you know that I hold up the internet end of the PR skip rope. Twitter, Facebook and myriad other sites have filled my head with passwords and filled my inbox with both interesting ideas, opportunities and (sometimes) dubious offers for the choir. I like postering too.
Thanks, me :)

I also take most of the photos found here.

Although not an official PR committee member, Andrea pulled some personal strings and got us a wonderful hour long Christmas Special on Rogers cable, which was beautifully directed by the Rogers staff and played many times over the 2011 Christmas season.

It will also be a great souvenir for the choir members -- thanks, Andy!

Michel (wife of Rene) setting up CDs at a concert venue

Many others, choir members and supporters, have helped promote the Stairwell Carollers this past year. They sold tickets, CDs and cookbooks and went door to door to businesses to get ads for the program. 

Thank you to all who shared our YouTube channel, The Stairwell Caroller Choir Blog and our Official Website and Liked us on Facebook too. Don't stop!

Thank you,Thank you,Thank you to everyone who went above and beyond their singing contribution. Volunteerism is at our heart and keeps us strong and productive as an organization.

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