Friday, December 23, 2011

CD SPOTLIGHT -- Noel Nouvelet - French Canadian Carols

CD cover Photo by Denyse Mageau, all rights reserved.
In 2005, we released Noel Nouvelet, our French Carol compilation, after many requests from our French Canadian listeners. Many of our French audience remarked that a good recording of French Canadian Carols did not exist! Noel Nouvelet includes all our French Canadian carols previously released on our other Christmas carol CDs -- all on one CD in this rare collection.
From another cd recording session, Jay Fee and Pete dissect the sound

Read the CD Review by Valérie Lessard of Le Droit 

Noel Nouvelet CD back with song list

Noel Nouvelet CD insert interior with member names and song details
Choir Bio en Francais for Noel Nouvelet CD
A selection of pieces from the Noel Nouvelet CD...

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