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CD SPOTLIGHT -- Mourning Dove -- Christmas CD #3 -- Feb 3, 2003

CD cover Photo by Denyse Mageau, all rights reserved.

                     Icicles are both dangerous and beautiful, but no one could imagine that sparkling frozen water could stand in the way of a CD recording. Warning signs point to the icicles that form every year from St. Columba's roof line and 2003 saw a bumper crop of those watery daggers. We arrived at the church, Jay set up the sound equipment and the choir was all ready to start the first song. Jay heard a strange sound through his earphones, but we went ahead, all bundled in coats, hats and mitts in the chilly church (no heater on to avoid furnace creaks and groans). We recorded a few songs and then the sun warmed the roof -  the welcome rays through the windows helping us endure the icy room.

However, before we could continue, the melting icicles rang out an unwanted metronome beat  and we all ran outside to stare at the roof in order to come up with a solution.

Of course, someone had to go up and stop the dripping.

An old rug, a couple of brave Stairwellers scaling the roof and a lot of patience later, we managed to get a few more songs in -- drip drop free.

Mourning Dove CD liner notes

Mourning Dove CD song list and artist names

Mourning Dove CD tray back with song list
A selection of videos of pieces from the CD (concert performances)

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