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CD SPOTLIGHT -- I Saw a Swete Semly Syght -- Well-loved Christmas carols

CD cover Photo by Denyse Mageau, all rights reserved.
Our second CD, "I saw a swete semly syght" (pronounced  EE SAW A SWAY-TUH  SAME-LEE SEEKT ) was recorded February, 2000 at St. Columba church -- here in Ottawa.

The title is in Old English and means " I saw a sweet and seemly sight". It is also the title track -- an original carol Pierre wrote in the summer of 1999. He went on to win First Place for this original composition in the Toronto Amadeus Choir's International Christmas Song Competition. The lovely carol premiered Dec. 5, 1999 at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts in Toronto ( now the Toronto Center for the Arts)and was broadcast nationally on CBC radio on Christmas day.

When the decision was made to record a second CD,"I saw a swete semly syght" seemed a perfect choice for the title track and started a trend. Each of our Christmas CDs to date are titled for one of Pierre's original carols.

Back cover of I saw a swete semly syght with list of Carols
Known as the "Purple CD" or just "I Saw" to choir members, sales were so good that we had to do a second pressing. Various theories abound, but I think it's the list of carols represented. There are so many old favourites on this CD, that if people buy only one CD, they often choose "I Saw."

Inside cover fold I credits  for "I saw a swete semly syght" CD

"I saw a swete semly syght" -- Song credits

Includes translations for  songs on "I saw a swete semly syght" CD
A few songs from "I saw a swete semly syght" CD  performed live in concert by The Stairwell Carollers

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