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BEHIND THE SONG -- Volunteerism -- the Heart of the Stairwell Carollers

 A choir like The Stairwell Carollers would get very little done without the spirit of volunteerism.  Joining the Stairwell Carollers is a commitment not only to singing -- both rehearsing and performing --  but a commitment to sharing the tasks inherent to the success of such a group.  One of our mandates is to raise money for local charities.  Therefore we have to try to save as much money as possible by using talents and resources within the group.
René and Simon hoisting the lights

I intend to write posts highlighting individuals in the choir who deserve recognition for their contributions in volunteering their time above and beyond the job of chorister.  However, this is not a competition.  No judgment is intended of how much time a person is able to volunteer or not.  The spirit of volunteering is that you do it freely, with no thought for personal gain or aggrandizement.  There are so many reasons to volunteer -- The betterment of the group, the enrichment of the experience, self-satisfaction, morale boosting -- I could go on and on.  But as usual, I've probably said too much.

Michèle Voyer busy selling
Pete and Holly

My husband,Pete, has said on a number of occasions, that without the committees, without all the help of the volunteers, he would not have the energy to continue the huge job of directing the choir.

We have, within the Stairwell Carollers, many generous individuals who give of their time and share their expertise by volunteering to do tasks that are necessary, but not necessarily fun.

Susan on the run with the money
Susan has volunteered to do the Brochure and keeps it up to date with new info and photos.

Andrea Walton, Soprano and choir secretary

Pierre puts together all the programs on his computer.When they are ready, Andrea Walton does all the copying and assembling of packages.

Susan's daughter and Michèle
Volunteers in the choir help with folding the programs and brochures. Most members help to sell CDs and cookbooks at  Xmas at their workplaces, but Susan, her daughter, and Rene's lovely wife, Michèle, usually manage sales at our concerts and other venues.

There are many other tasks that choir members (and their families) do for the choir -- I have mentioned only a few here. I will try to thank everyone eventually -- and at the same time throw some illumination on the work BEHIND THE SONG.

Holly ;)


  1. We appreciate all of our volunteers - including you, Holly!


You can also email your questions to me - info (at) stairwellcarollers (dot) com.
Holly :)

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