Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photos from the 2010 Federation of Canadian Music Festivals competition, 2nd place

Here are some photos taken when Martin went to Montreal to accept our 2nd place win in the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals- FCMF. This was the National levels where we placed 2nd in all of Canada!

"Honorable Barbara A Hagerman, class second place, donated by Cold Lake Music Festival AB. Stairwell Carollers, On. Pierre Massie, director (Sheila Lonsbury presenting to Martin Fairbank, Choir Member."
"Photos courtesy of Sue Burke. All photos © 2010 FCMF. Permission granted for personal, non-profit use by competitors, delegates and member festivals. Please give credit to the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals where possible.Any other use of any photograph is expressly forbidden without prior written authorization of FCMF."

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