Friday, April 8, 2011

Long-time Stairweller, Keith Bailey, sings at Savoy Society Night

Savoy Society presents Gilbert and Sullivan Greatest Hits April 27

Stairwell Caroller, Keith Bailey (currently on hiatus) will be reprising "When I was a Lad"  -- Sir Joeph Porter's song from HMS Pinafore.
Keith and Pete enjoying the moment at a pub during our Montebello summer concert tour

The Honourable Peter Milliken, Speaker of the House of Commons,  singing the role of Koko in excerpts from The Mikado, will join the rest of the cast on stage for the Savoy Society's production of Gilbert and Sullivan Greatest Hits.

And now for something completely different from the Savoy Society - Gilbert and Sullivan Greatest Hits at Notre Dame HS Auditorium, 710 Broadview Ave, April 27th at 7:30 p.m.

The evening  features music from the four big shows: Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, The Mikado and The Gondoliers sung by former Savoy leads and chorus.

In addition, there will be some solo music featured from other shows by our special guests. We are extremely pleased to welcome to our stage the Speaker of the House of Commons, The Honourable Peter Milliken who will be singing the role of Koko in excerpts from The Mikado.

The Greatest Hits event is a Singalong/Singathon.

Pledges can be made and tickets purchased on the Savoy Society website:

You can sponsor a singer for $25.00. Simply click on the "Buy Now" button and you will be taken to the sponsorship page.

After making your donation, click on the "Return to Savoy Society of Ottawa" where the singers are listed.

Your $25 donation may include one ticket to the event valued at $15 and a tax receipt for $10.

If you are unable to attend the event, you will receive a tax receipt or the full $25 amount but your chosen singer will still be credited with your sponsorship.

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  1. Keith Bailey is a truly wonderful singer and performer - all should definately go!!



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