Friday, March 18, 2011

O vos omnes - Tomas Luis de Victoria, The Stairwell Carollers, Ottawa.


  1. This is beautiful-very haunting.

    Another lovely posting.

    Best wishes,

  2. "O Vos Omnes" is a favorite. As I am saying rather frequently, "I have never heard an "O Vos Omnes" that I didn't like". There may be one out there, but I haven't hard it yet. This particular "O Vos Omnes" by Victoria (he wrote a few) is very near the top of my list.

    This is a nice performance of the piece. Very admirable musicality. Always happy to retweet you guys.

  3. Thanks so much Grayson and Natasha!

  4. Hi Holly. How about a more recent recording? Do you have anything from last Christmas season? When will you be recording a new CD?
    Love your music


  5. Hi Gerry
    Thanks for the Love!
    Well -- the audio recording of our 2010 Christmas Concert was an absolute bust! The church was a modern structure that had good acoustics for the live performance, but the two mics did not pick up any of the basses and missed the full third row of carollers! Hence no new Christmas YouTube :( Here at least are pics from our 2010 season.
    Our next recording coming up will be sacred music from the renaissance (and at least one original piece by Pierre.We expect to record it next year.
    Pierre will most likely post another spring madrigal or two from past concerts on YouTube this weekend.
    We have scouted out a new church and expect this season's recording to be up to sharing quality.


You can also email your questions to me - info (at) stairwellcarollers (dot) com.
Holly :)

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